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O'Neal is a music producer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. His debut compilation album SEX & JUNK FOOD is out now. Please stream and share below!

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Rooted in Alabama....blooming in California.


O'Neal was born on April 8th, 1992 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. His love for music began around 7-years old when he started paying attention to the dance music his mother would exercise to. He also became enthralled with the art of music videos he would binge-watch on MTV. He later moved to Birmingham, Alabama where his love for music developed into writing raps and making hip-hop beats. By the end of junior high, he was a Myspace Music producer trying to learn all the new music software. Once he graduated from high school, he took a break from music to focus on college and pursue the corporate life. After several years of being in construction sales, he didn't feel like he was fulfilling his creative passions so he decided to move to Los Angeles in 2020 to pursue a career in music production and songwriting. Upon arriving in LA, he launched his own production label (MADMAN MUSIC) and began recording his compilation album SEX & JUNK FOOD showcasing his music production and songwriting skills.



Word on the Street


Working with O'Neal on THE MEAL was a great collaborative process. I immediately felt creatively comfortable at our first meeting and enjoyed working with him to put together a killer track!

Bethany Brinton (Pianist)


I’ve worked with O'Neal on two projects and I enjoyed each one. His passion and creative vision for music is amazing. It shows while being on set with him. His energy is always positive and inspiring. He always comes prepared on set making sure everyone is safe and has what they need to produce quality content. It’s always a pleasure working with O'Neal and being apart of his creative journey.

Jaleel Sampay (Film Director)


I had such a great time on the set of O’Neal’s music video. He, as well as his featured artist Caleb Minter, the crew and the remainder of the cast were all so nice. The environment was both fun and professional. It was great to be apart of the project.

K. DaCosta (Actress/Model)

Out of all the songwriters and producers I have worked with, O'Neal stands out! He has a clear vision and an unmatched passion for what he wants to create, and he is committed to bringing out the best of himself and the artists he works with. He is always timely and does not stop until the song is done right.

Susannah Stuckey (Pop Artist)


It was a pleasure mixing and mastering for O'Neal on multiple occasions. He's a true professional!

Shaun Kelly (Audio Engineer)


Working with O'Neal was great! He brings good energy to the studio. Whether it's the writing or the mixing process, he really takes his time to craft records. And most importantly, he isn't afraid to give honest and constructive feedback to artists in order to achieve a perfect song.

J Sainte (Hip-Hop Artist)


Working with O'Neal was fun and I look forward to our next collaboration!

Tai Fronzaroli (Audio Engineer)


After over 40 years in the recording business, I’ve worked with just about every kind of producer. I can say that working with O'Neal was a pleasure. His attention to detail, musical knowledge, and directorial skills are second to none. He gives great direction and knows how to get exactly what he wants in the studio without being overbearing.  He is a pleasure to work with!

Tony Wachter (Audio Engineer)


I had the pleasure of working with O'Neal on his album cover photo shoot. He was fun, professional, and kind. The shoot was exciting as efficient! I look forward to his career as a music producer!

Ashley T. (Actress/Model)


It was a dope experience working with O'Neal. He's very professional and knows how to push an artist to their best ability.

YNG Trauma (Hip-Hop Artist)